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The smartest, easiest, and most effective way to communicate in the car business today.

Ever wanted to get a price from a dealer only to have to wait till they got back to you days later? Ever looking for an answer to a simple question, like if a certain car is in stock or if a specific color is available? Have you ever called a car dealer just to get put on hold or transferred around or even hung up on? Are you wanting something different?

Welcome to Auto Connect! We have the top Salesmen, Sales Managers even F&I Managers all in one place. When you become a user you will have instant access to locating a professional dealership representative in, or around your area up to 150 miles. Easy, quick and fast access to get any answers you want. Send a request direct to a salespersons phone and get your answer quickly. And for all the car enthusiasts out there, you can post about vehicles, post pictures, comment, brag, buy, trade and sell and just have a place for car talk.

As a dealership employee, simply sign up and make your self available to thousands of potential customers out there. Send out surveys to all your current customers to get a high customer service score posted for all customers and users on Auto Connect to see. Get others at your store, and at other stores, to join your network and have the ability to post, communicate, send pictures and share information, public or privately with these like; car availability, unique cars you have or are searching for, dealer trade requests and pretty much anything to do with the auto industry.

So, if you're a buyer, seller, prospect, car guru, gear head, enthusiast, salesperson, sales manager or even F&I.


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Sign up and get other car dealership employees to join your network. Use this to easily communicate with other dealership employees one on one or in a group. Contact other dealers to find cars, do dealer trades or just talk business. Work with other dealers on the app, in your network, to get “bird dogs” and referrals if you don’t have the car your customer wants. Create selling partners locally and across the state and even the country if you’d like! Expand your database and your network.

Access new and used car customers

Have access to view the map and send information to potential customers and others with interest. Reach out as far as 150 miles.

Send out surveys

Send your current customers a quick survey and recieve a higher customer service rating than others in the area to attract more potential customers.



Sign up and post anything that you love about cars. Have great conversation with New and Used car dealership sales people and sales manager about any topic like Car prices. avaibility of cars and trucks, credit and finance questions and even simple question like ” how late is service open till”.

Access Car dealership employees

Have access to view the map with dealership employees available instantly to message and ask questions. Get any answer you need quickly with no wait.

Be A car enthusiast

Talk, write, interact and post anything you want about cars, trucks and SUV’s. Post funny pics or super cool cars or just educate others on things to look out for…..Just have fun and interact with others.



View the map and see other dealership employees in your area. And all customers buying, selling and, posting.


View the map find any salesperson or manager related to any new make, model or used car.

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